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Sep 20, 2021

Amanda Christensen, ideaXme guest interviewer and strategy executive at Cubaka interviews Marc Oshima, co-founder and chief marketing officer at AeroFarms.

AeroFarms is a Certified B Corporation. They use the latest breakthroughs in indoor vertical farming, artificial intelligence and plant biology to fix our broken food system and improve the way fresh produce is grown and distributed locally and globally. Their objective is to solve both current and future food challenges by producing high quality safe produce using the latest science and technology.

AeroFarms Transforming Agriculture Since 2004:

AeroFarms has been transforming agriculture with people and planet in mind. They have built a proprietary agriculture platform to grow a wide array of products, delivering superior flavour, better quality and improved nutrition with the most sophisticated levels of traceability and food safety in our industry.

AeroFarms' Vision:

To understand plant biology and to be great farmers and solve broader problems in agriculture. To serve communities by leading with brand and providing access to high-quality, consistent, and safe products. To protect the environment for future generations, growing more while using less.

Marc Oshima's biography:

Marc is Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of AeroFarms, a leading clean- technology company that builds and operates responsible, state-of-the-art indoor vertical farms around the world, enabling local production and transforming agriculture. A Certified B Corporation, AeroFarms has been recognized by Fast Company as one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies for Food and by Inc. as one of the Top 25 Disruptive Companies. An award-winning marketer with an extensive background in retail, branding, and media, Marc is also passionate about increasing access to healthy food and has led the marketing for major food retailers. Marc has been recognized by Eating Well magazine as one of the 2018 American Food Heroes. With his B.A. from Columbia College and M.B.A. from Columbia Business School, Marc is also Board Co-Chair of Chefs Collaborative, a 25 year old non-profit improving our sustainable food systems, and a member of the United Fresh Produce Marketing & Merchandising Council.

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